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Automatic storage machines

Automatic Storage Machines are computer-controlled storage and transfer systems that can significantly improve the efficiency of product storage and picking.

These machines are easy to integrate with a Company’s existing Warehouse Management System (WMS), but they can also be used as a standalone system. The site and operating environment determines the system's size and composition.

An automatic storage system can save up to 70% on floor space, reduce picking errors by 70% and decrease picking time by more than 60%. The most efficient way of using storage machines is to have article management included with the machine. TC2000 article management software is especially developed for Tornado, Paternoster and HOCA and it can be included as standard to all our machines

Tornado lift machines

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With its ingenious vertical lifting device, the servo-operated automated Tornado storage system is rapid, energy-efficient and ergonomic. These vertical lift storage machines are easy to tailor to each customer’s needs. Tornados are the perfect solution for storing and handling small items in your warehouse or shop.

Tornado offers safe and secure storage for your small parts. The system's intelligent engine attempts to place the more active trays close to the retrieval point. This makes the Tornado system especially useful for seasonal products. Each level in a Tornado vertical storage machine can be password-protected for added security.

The Tornado's speed both horizontally and vertically offers rapid storage and retrieval. The clear and straightforward structure makes the system extremely reliable and therefore cheap to maintain.

Picking from a Tornado could not be easier. The operator enters a product code, either manually, using a bar-code reader or from a higher-level system. The Tornado then retrieves the required tray and brings it to the operator at the optimum height so the item can be picked.

Vertical carousel (Paternoster)

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The Paternoster carousel storage machine is an excellent solution for storing goods in a small floor space and for optimising picking times. By enablment of the batch picking processes it is particulalry good at saving time. This rotating automated storage system saves floor space by providing efficient, height optimised storage.

Paternoster’s offer closed, safe storage and protect products from dust and light damage. Retrieval points can be set up on different floors and the faster product turnaround times offered by Paternosters mean that the warehouse picking operation can be reduced by as much as 60%.

The work environment is safe and ergonomic, as carriers are transported to the optimum working level.

A Paternoster carousel is the perfect system for storing many different types of goods. It offers rapid processing; the Paternoster will always takes the shortest route to the operator, as well as minimising the number of picking errors.

Horizontal carousel

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Horizontal carousels are an excellent choice for the storage of goods in large storage areas or where the building headroom is restricted. The horizontal storage system can accommodate large quantities of bulky goods, reducing picking times significantly.

The system brings goods to an operator quickly and ergonomically. Productivity can be boosted even further by connecting several machines to a single retrieval point. This means that operator can pick from one carousel while other machines are rotating to be ready for the next pick.

Carousels can be equipped with pick-to-light systems that make batch-picking simple and fast for the operator.