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Mezzanine floor installations

An quick and economical way to make efficient use of headroom for extra storage, offices or workshops we can design an answer to suit your needs.

A mezzanine floor (if not attached to the existing building) can be regarded as an item of plant and written down accordingly. Currently 100% of the cost can be offset against Corporation tax in the first year.

Extra floor space

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For storage of bulk items the floor can be designed up to 1000kg per m2 utilising chipboard or other specialised surfaces. The surface can be designed to carry the point loads of hand pallet trucks. spans of up to 10m can be achieved depending upon loadings and structural floor conditions.

Extra office space

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From a single office in the work area to a full office suite, we can install a demountable system to suit your requirements for

  • Appearance
  • Sound
  • Demountability

Extra shelving space

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Sometimes it is necessary to have a different shelving layout above from the one below. A mezzanine floor with a reinforced surface and possibly spreaders below the uprights provides this function.