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Warehouse and storage areas are dangerous places; will your racking pass a safety inspection?

Ideally racking should be inspected at least twice a year - is yours?

Users mixing components can be left in a position of having a structural failure, causing damage and personal injury with no clear line of responsibility relating to the safety of the structural design of the rack.

That's a compelling argument for sticking with a single brand rather than just opting for the cheapest. Not only does maintaining a single source of supply mean reassurance in terms of safety, but it also provides clarity in terms of legal responsibility. Make sure that you can show your insurers or health and safety inspectors that your racking has been regularly checked by a specialist, and has been kept in good repair with genuine replacement parts.

Dexion products are only available from Dexion distributors.

With Pro-Store you are completely secure, as we do not sell second hand or 'compatible' equipment and all our products bear the full manufacturer's guarantee and comply fully with Health & Safety regulations.

Each inspection is carried out by a Dexion approved inspector certified and trained by Dexion Comino to carry out inspections to SEMA standards with access to the latest Dexion loading and technical data.

Specific points looked for include:

  • Correct location of beams, including beam locks in uprights.
  • Excessive defection of beams due to current or past overloading.
  • Signs of damage to installation due to impact by handling or other equipment.
  • Incorrect loading or positioning of pallets within pallet locations.
  • Use of damaged or inappropriate pallets.
  • Missing or loose fixing bolts.
  • Beam level and bay configurations.

A Pro-Store inspection gives you:

A written report together with a layout drawing making any appropriate recommendations. This will include -

  • Areas of damage and the urgency of attention required, any damage considered dangerous will be brought to your immediate attention and recommendations made for unloading/isolation.
  • A summary of materials required and a priced quotation for those materials.

Contact Us for more information on any aspect of concern regarding safety and we will be pleased to offer advice, with no obligation.