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Shelving installations

From a simple single run to a full stores installation we can help, we keep commercial & industrial shelving in stock so can get you going quickly.

Our projects division can plan, manage and install your installation in house using the latest design and CAD systems.

Sysco commercial shelving

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  • Suitable for storage in offices, archives, stores and depositories.
  • Single sided shelving placed in the room or against a wall.
  • Double sided shelving placed in the room for access from both sides.

Hi280 Standard industrial shelving

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The design of our HI-280 shelving system uses a clever construction method. Its design is based on a minimum number of components; the basis of the system is uprights and shelves made from high grade pre-galvanized steel.

The variety of applications is endless, HI-280 can be built as a traditional shelving system or with additional accessories tailored to specific industries and applications for the storage of small parts and spares in hand loaded applications.

Suitable for stand alone and manually served picking and storage areas to large fully automated central stores, the HI-280 shelving system is the most flexible and versatile storage system for small part handling.

Dexion Longspan shelving

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For the storage off hand loaded items in bulk, archived or simple too long to fit in standard shelving.

Utilising either drop-in steel panels or shelving grade chipboard the system can be tailored to your loads and products.

Hi280 Multi-tier industrial shelving

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Make maximum use of your headroom with a multi-tier installation.

  • Single tier with an over rack platform
  • Two tier
  • Three tier

The choice is yours

Hi280 narrow aisle shelving

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Narrow aisle shelving systems are mostly used in high volume warehouses normally with man-lifters. The main advantage of a narrow aisle storage installation is the optimization of storage space, this due to the fact that rail-running lifter require less manoeuvring space compared with traditional forklift handling.

Carton Flow - picking system

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Dexion Carton flow is a vital part in the supply chain for components at assembly lines and conveyer belt lines. A picking station is constructed of a rack supplied with leaning roller tracks used to transport components to the assembly station. Wheeled tracks can also be used in warehouses as a part of the overall logistic process. Loading on one side and unloading on the opposite according the FIFO principals (First in first out).